There's a secret in the north florida woods, and it wants to get out!

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Horizon arc

A Work in Progress

Stay tuned:

Brad's life is turned upside down by the discovery of the artifact, the discovery of a strange presence with telepathic ability, a lost family and new friends.  His cousin Connie proves to be a capable and needed companion.

An accidental arrival over four hundred years ago. An accidental discovery, and not quite accidental murders. Brad Hitchens never bargained for a fight for his life when he made a simple promise to his father.   His challenge, honor his father, keep the odd artifact he's found safe until he can prove that its origin is not of this world.

He's also 'met' an entity near his north Florida homestead that has driven his mother to the edge of insanity, and communicates telepathically from a remote idyll deep in the wildlife refuge, a place he will come to call 'Dreamland'.

The Series

Brad and Connie find out much more about the origins of the artifact and the strange presence in the woods. I'd tell you more, but then there'd be spoilers. 

Older and able to access the technology needed to prove or disprove the extra-terrestrial origin of the artifact, Brad and Connie are abducted by the dark side of the US Air Force.

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